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Music Evolved is a music production team based out of Los Angels, California. The company was formed to aid its clients who specifically need to acquire Music Marketing, Audio advertising, tailored sounds, and production for their musical projects.

The team is made up of experienced music producers, production engineers, songwriters, arrangers, and a staff of seasoned studio musicians. Combining commitment, and excellence, Music Evolved proves its resonance in today’s ever-changing music industry by embracing new trends, looking back to the classic eras, and setting no limitations in the pursuit of musical perfection. Not limited we also handle full musical projects by adding, Specialty mixing, mastering, vocal production, arranging, and composing.

With proven dedication to the music industry, our group of ingenious and diverse individuals commits to giving the highest quality services to our clients. The creativity of our producers is felt through an array of musical backgrounds, including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, country, Latin, jazz, electronic dance music, Christian/Gospel, and musical scores for television, film, video games, musical theater, and classical ensembles. We are also fully dedicated into Philanthropy work for more info Click Link below.

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● Project production for artist’s albums, including production on each track, songwriting, beat creation, recording, engineering, mixing/mastering.

● Project production for artist’s singles, including production on each track, songwriting, beat creation, recording, engineering, mixing/mastering.

● Complete music production for film, TV, & video game soundtracks. Original score to coincide with the screen as well as an “album” of soundtrack pieces for public release.

● Audio advertising needs, including original music, voice acting, sound design, and direction of the overall theme of each project. Making each music pieace fit to an exact market and demographic for the Product.

● Complete content creation for podcasts. Clients record the interviews or audio content for a podcast, and our team turns it into a complete episode along with show notes, website entry, promotional graphics, and more.

● Owning and/or leasing studio space will give us the opportunity to save money on studio time for our own projects. Aside from in-house projects, the studio can allow for passive income by offering studio time/rental without us needing to be in the studio.  

● For songs that we work on or co-produce but don’t exclusively own, we can offer publishing opportunities for the artists involved. 

● Aside from original soundtracks, we can offer a variety of songs to be licensed (or placed) in film, TV, video games and advertisements. Our catalog of nearly 1,000 tracks crosses a broad range of genres and provides us with a strong opportunity to create an ongoing relationship with music supervisors in the industry.

● For artists that work exclusively with us, part of our philosophy with production is development and management of these artists. As we write new songs and work on production, we continually push artists to better themselves and their craft, which in turn helps them in their music career.

● Utilize social media content marketing to grow the brand of Music Evolved and all of our subsidiary companies. Online content creation shared through all of our social channels will raise awareness of our company to fans/customers and help establish our brand in the music industry.

Evolving Yearbook

We do not just make music, we love to party to it. We are a team of social lights that travel the world, to country, to showcase our skills and create timeless music. We throw events, connect musicians and Hollywood together through laughter and entertainment. This page is dedicated to all the places we have been, with partners old and new. Some things stay the same but we are always evolving.

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